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This was my final major project at uni. We created a short film about two sisters living in a post-apocalyptic world where they hear of a safe haven but can they get there safely without any trouble.

I created this video as part of a project I am doing at uni at the moment. This is a promotional video to show off one of the trucks and show one of the many things that it can do at Steeles. This is a project that I did to push myself out of my usual comfort zone of making more story-based films.

This was another project that I was a part of creating in my second year at uni during the lockdown which inspired this project. It's about a young woman who suffers from agoraphobia (fear of going outside) who has to face going outside as the apocalypse is starting.

In my second year of university, we created a short live tv episode about Lowther Castle. This was a major learning curve for me as this was the biggest scale project I had ever done at the time and was the first live show I had ever done.

As part of my first year at university, we were introduced to the tv studio where we recreated a scene from the tv show Fleabag.

I wanted to create something that was experimental and shows what it's like when your home alone with an overactive imagination. When you hear small random noises and think your seeing things, you start subconsciously making up scenarios causing you to think someone is in your home. The questions are to symbolise some things you think of when this happens but in the form of an outside entity questioning you, rather than an internalised narrative. I created this experimental video to learn some new tricks on Premiere Pro as I had never done this style of effects before.

In my first year of uni I worked on the first interview style magazine tv show that I had done.

In my first year at University, this was the first short film project we did which we did a recreation of a scene from Pulp Fiction.

This is one of the very first projects that I did where I created a promotional video for the Hair and Beauty department at Furness College whilst I was studying there. This video compared to my more recent projects show how much I have learnt over the past few years.

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